Give your pet a voice

Meet Tailr

Tailr is a QR code pet tag with a companion app that allows anyone caring for your pet to provide the best care possible. When scanned, the QR code directs to your pet’s robust and fully customizable profile, which communicates their unique needs and voice.

Build your pet’s personalized profile by answering questions in five detailed sections: health, behavior, grooming, play, and food. Add and manage multiple pet profiles in one place and easily share important documents with your pet’s caregivers on the Tailr app.


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Lost & found function

If your pet is reported missing, anyone who finds them will know exactly how to bring them home, just by scanning the tag.

  • list hexagonNotify all other Tailr users in the area that your pet has gone missing.
  • list hexagonReceive notifications when and where your pet’s Tailr tag is scanned.
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Robust pet profile

The QR code directs to your pet’s custom profile, which includes medical records, medication dosages, grooming preferences, personality quirks, and much more!

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Effectively inform your pet’s caretakers of any medications or conditions that they need to be aware of. Store your pet’s entire medical history in one easy-to-access profile.

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Provide a detailed description of your pet’s unique personality traits and quirks so that even when you're not around, your pet can be recognized as the best friend you know they are.

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Does your pet hate when their tail is touched, or react badly to a blowdryer? Proactively protect your pet from a nightmare visit to the groomers by providing all of their past grooming information and preferences.

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Play Coming Soon!

Tell your pet’s caretakers about what their favorite toys are, or what style of play they enjoy so that you can know, even if you’re not there, your pet is happy and doing the things they love.

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Food Coming Soon!

Allergies, food preferences, structured meal times, and so much more can be communicated even when you’re not around. Rest easy knowing that your pet’s food needs are being taken care of.

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An app to manage it all

Add and manage multiple pet profiles in one place and easily share important documents with the Tailr app.

  • list hexagon Provide personality and behavioral information to your pet's caregivers.
  • list hexagon Share vaccine records with vets, groomers, daycares, etc.
  • list hexagon Receives a unique Tailr email address for your pet.
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The accessory

You didn’t know they needed

The Tailr tag comes in two variations: a traditional hanging tag or a sliding tag, both available in various sizes.

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Classic Dog Tag

Hanging Tag
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Slide Dog Tag

Slide Tag
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Because you can’t always be there

Step 1 • Purchase your tag

Purchase your tag

MSRP $44.95!

Purchase your tag
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Step 2 • Set up their profile

Set up their profile

Download Tailr on your device and follow the in-app instructions.

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Step 3 • Let the tag do the talking

Let the tag do the talking

When the tag is scanned, your pet’s profile enables users to provide your pet with tailored care - always.

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